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Myers-Briggs: A mirror to the self and the world

It’s very difficult to feel inspired between 2.30 and 5 pm, especially when someone is talking at you. Lunch is distant memory, dinner is but a spot on the horizon and you’re floating on a raft raggedly tied together by slow-moving neurons and oozing with digestive juices.

So there we were, twenty something twenty somethings on our metaphorical rafts, when Paul Wells from St Mungo’s rocked up to the second day of our induction session and shook us awake. His Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshop was like a troop of dolphins on your typical afternoon seascape. I’m writing this not only in memory of those few hours which really did strike a chord. Rather what is keeping me up this evening is the conviction that there are lessons to be learnt from Mr. Well’s introduction, lessons which can be applied to our Charityworks 9 to 5, and perhaps even beyond that to life in general. Here’s to trying…

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